Shelby Parts Catalog

This catalog is for information purposes only, and is intended only as a guide.

The following links/pages require Adobe Acrobat to be installed.

Camshaft Kits (996kb, 6 Pages)
Induction Kits (952kb, 5 Pages)
Holley Carburetors (174kb, 1 Page)
Manifold Accessories (133kb, 1 Page)
Holley Carburetor Repair Kits (155kb, 1 Page)
Weber Carburetors (155kb, 1 Page)
Air Cleaners and Hood Scoops (144kb, 1 Page)
Valve Cover Kits (235kb, 2 Pages)
Pistons (177kb, 1 Page)
Engine Parts and Accessories (313kb, 2 Pages)
Cylinder Heads (397kb, 2 Pages)
Clutches, Pressure Plates and Scattershields (140kb, 1 Pages)
Disc BrakePads (147kb, 1 Page)
OilPans (147kb, 1 Page)
Exhaust Headers (128kb, 1 Page)
Suspension/Handling (199kb, 2 Pages)
Ignition Distributors (199kb, Half Page) (file as above, on second page)
Vehicle Customizing Equipment (235kb, 2 Pages)
Tachometers (108kb, 1 Page)
Oil Cooler Kits (108kb, 1 Page)
Terms and Conditions (74kb, 1 Page)
Fender and Dashboard Badges (255kb, 1 Page)

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