Ford Mustang LHD to RHD Conversion

Mustang interior stripped ready for conversion, note cut out of factory radio for aftermarket radio. This will need replacement panel fitted.
Dash cut out
Section of dash removed for transfer to RHD. Note if you look carefully you will see that there is an increase in slope angle from outside to inside. During refitting allowance needs to be made for these angle changes.
Dash welded to RHD with radio repair section complete
Wiper sections cut out and ready for transfer to RHD
Firewall before cutting
Firewall after sections removed.
Firewall pieces before shaping and refit.
Firewall completed in primer.
Firewall completed in gloss - firewall finish is at owners discretion.
The firewall fitted up with most components before engine replacement.

Note: The aim in this conversion is to mirror image all of the factory components. Many converters do not change wiper position and many just plate the firewall. A flat firewall or a firewall out of an XW / XY falcon is not correct.

If you require any conversion work or disc brake upgrades call me.

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